Installing Pyd


Pyd requires Python 2.4 or newer and the latest version of DMD (on Windows) or GDC (on Linux). At the time of this writing, those versions are DMD 1.00 and GDC 0.21.

Pyd is supported on Windows using the DMD compiler and on Linux using GDC. Support for Derek Parnell's bud is also planned.

Release Candidate 1 of Pyd is available on dsource:

Pyd's Subversion repository is located here.


Pyd installs itself as a Python package called celerid. Once you have extracted the archive (or downloaded the "trunk" directory), simply run python install, and the celerid directory will be created in Python's site-packages directory.

CeleriD is an extension to distutils. It tells Python how to use the D compiler. By default, it uses the first version of the compiler that it can find on the system PATH. If the compiler is not on your PATH, or you wish to specify a specific version of it, you may set the DMD_BIN or GDC_BIN environment variable (for Windows and Linux, respectively) to point to the executable you wish to use.